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The Generalist

With your host Saul Ackerman


About The Generalist


Saul (creator, and producer at The Generalist) was born in Venezuela in the 1980's, where he lived until the age of 14.

He moved to New York, and after some years he settled down and pursued a career in Chinese Medicine.

Recognizing that the circle of his interests would never stop widening, and that no aspect of life exists in a vacuum,  he decided to create The Generalist so he can selfishly be friends with cool people under the guise of helping people learn stuff.

Take all of this with a grain of salt though, because it's always weird when some guy writes about himself in the third person (and then has his friends embellish it with extra "facts").

Like the ideals of the European "Renaissance Man," or the Chinese "Jun Zi," The Generalist is about exploring and appreciating the world through a wide lens, finding the connections between the seemingly unrelated. We'll look at different philosophies, religions, creeds, skills, subjects and hobbies, so we can become more well rounded, and apply that broad knowledge to anything we do. In other words, it's a bunch of nerds talking about smart shit, probably while drinking






Upcoming guest


  • Green Green Rocky Road (stories of a dealer) - Anonymous guest

  • The Science of the impossible - with William C Bushell phd Director of research and Academic Liaison, ISHAR (http://isharonline.org) Biophysical Anthropology, MIT Department of Religion, Columbia University

  • Mind Hacking - with Christopher Kelly and Todd Gailun

  • Inside the music recording business - With  Mike Davidson

  • The voice of Hal 'Otacon' Emerich from "Metal Gear Solid" - with Christopher Randolph
  • Children's Books, Energy Healing and being an empath - With Bill Kalatsky
  • another Generalist - with Jason Ginsberg
  • Many more to come!



Here are some guests I'm working on 

I haven't put in names because I haven't gotten a confirmation date yet or a direct yes.

  • Orthodox Judaism and the views of a Talmudic text critic - TBA
  • Psychotherapy and mental health - TBA
  • Chinese Medicine - TBA
  • Folklore and comparative occultism - TBA
  • Kabbalah the mystic side of Judaism - TBA
  • Voodoo Priest of New Orleans - TBA
  • Running and managing small hotels - TBA

More information and guests to come.